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    1Skater97 is a mid-famous penguin who loves to hang out with her friends and blog about Club Penguin. More will be coming soon!

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DJ Cadence

Since the Music Jam ’10 is here, two special guests are here too! DJ Cadence is one of them. Here are some tips on how to find her. Read on!

Who is DJ Cadence?

DJ Cadence is a purple-haired penguin who loves to DJ and dance with her fans. She is the color Peach, wears white shoes, headphones, and a yellow and pink scarf. Here’s her player card:

Where can I find DJ Cadence?

DJ Cadence usually visits full servers (such as Alpine, Frozen, Mammoth, etc.) during the day. She is usually found at the Dance Club, the Dance Club Rooftop, and the Casa Fiesta. But she can be found anywhere! Once you’ve found DJ Cadence, you can get her free new autograph by clicking on the box on her player card.

Good luck on DJ Cadence! If you found her, leave a comment!


Club Penguin Fake Beta Crisis

There’s been more than hundreds of fake beta penguins around Club Penguin lately. The fake beta penguins used a trainer that someone else made, in order to hack the rare Beta Hat. I sent an email to Club Penguin Support regarding the situation, and here’s what they said:


Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter.  We appreciate your attention to detail and your passion to keep Club Penguinsafe for all penguins.

I can assure you that we are well aware of this issue and are taking necessary actions to remove any penguins from the site that have obtained the Beta Hat through third party programs.

In the meantime we need penguins like yourself to report any penguins you see with this item on-line.  If you see a penguin breaking the rules, please report them. To report a penguin follow these steps:

– Click on the penguin you want to report
– Click on the ‘M’ shield on the bottom right of their player card
– Follow the instructions that open to report them to a moderator

Reporting penguins helps us all keep the island safe and fun for everyone to enjoy!

Again thank you for your email, if you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us again.


Club Penguin Support

Right now Club Penguin is taking immediate action to end the hacking. If you see any fake beta penguins around the island, you can help by reporting them to Club Penguin.


3-D Glasses Coming Back?

I don’t know if it’s true, but it could be possible! I emailed Club Penguin Support about the 3-D Glasses, and here is what I said:

Hi Club Penguin,

I was wondering if Club Penguin could bring back the old 3-D Glasses back. That’d be so cool if that happened! But instead, you could put a cheat in the upcoming catalog that has the 3-D Glasses in it. Please reply!

And here was what a moderator in Club Penguin said:


Thank you very much for sending us your request to bring back the 3-D Glasses back! Its been quite some time since this item has been available to penguins! We always like taking our penguins ideas into consideration, however we cannot promise they will be used.

A great way to keep up on everything new and exciting in Club Penguin is by checking the “What’s New” blog from time to time:


Aunt Arctic also releases a new edition of the “Club Penguin Times Newspaper” every Wednesday for all penguins to enjoy.  These are two great resources for penguins to stay in touch with what is happening in the community.


Club Penguin Support

Could this mean that the rare 3-D Glasses are coming back? I will post as soon as I hear more about this.


New Club Penguin Interview

Yes, the title says it all. Better T.V has interviewed a person named Lane Merrifield, who is better known as Billybob! Here are some pictures from the interview.

Lane Merrifield (a.k.a Billybob) has also mentioned something about a Club Penguin movie. Could this be true?


About 1Skater97

Hey guys! I’m 1Skater97, and welcome to my Club Penguin Cheats blog! I am a girl who loves to blog about Club Penguin. My favorite sport is Soccer, and my favorite color is purple. Here is a picture of my penguin.

As you can see, I also love to make graphics. I might open a graphic shop on here someday, but who knows? The site is still under construction, so please check back soon for new updates!